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This is the point where you have to be really honest with yourself because bringing a puppy in to your life is an intense experience and you need to have the time, the resources and the commitment to take care of him properly. He will need daily exercise and feeding, decent places to sleep, play and be, regular grooming, occasional veterinary care and the company of his family. These things are not optional and are fundamental to his well-being.

  Initially, your puppy just needs you to be around. If you are to successfully and quickly train him to adopt your routines, to be clean in the house, to accomapny you in a controlled fashion and to (most of the time) do what he is told, then you need to be there. You put the hours in, you show vigilance and dedication and your puppy will reward your efforts tenfold and develop into a well behaved, confident and delightful member of your household.

  To begin with, because this is a big boned breed which grows fast, your puppy will not need long walks. He will need to socialise though, initially carried by you and after his vaccinations are completed, at puppy training classes, vet's puppy parties and out & about at the local dog walking spots. As he grows and develops, exercise can be slowly increased until at 6-8 months of age, he will be taking at least an hour a day split into two walks and at one year plus, at least one and a half hours a day. Many people like to run or cycle with their pets for exercise, but with a GBGV, you should wait until he is at least a year old to do this.

  As an adult, if you have done your job properly, your  GBGV will be a well adjusted, well socialised and rewarding addition to your family. He can be left for periods of time of course, but he will not thrive if he is left alone for most of every day whilst you go out to work. Indeed, I will not sell puppies into families where the adult/s all go out to work full time. 

  So, if you can be around for your hound, if you have the commitment to take care of his needs, if you relish the prospect of something a little more unusual and challenging then maybe the Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen is the breed for you?

Your Commitment.

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