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What we expect from you...

Here at Holmchappell, the standards we embrace mean that we have long waiting lists. I am not embarrassed to say that this means we can be, and are, picky about who takes home a Holmchappell puppy.

   As a minimum requirement, we ask that you have the time and commitment for your new puppy. We will not sell puppies into homes where the household is out at work, school or college all day and the puppy regularly left for long periods.

   We ask that you either have or are prepared to acquire the knowledge to rear and train your puppy properly. We will help with information and advice but the dedication is down to you and is essential if you are to raise a happy, well adjusted dog who ends up a pleasure to own.

   We also ask that you be honest, both with yourselves and with us, about whether you have the facilities  for rearing and housing your puppy appropriately. A puppy needs access to a secure outdoor area if it is to become properly house trained; first floor flats or properties without gardens cannot provide accommodation suitable for a puppy.

We ask everyone who wants to go onto a waiting list to visit us first so we can meet. You'll spend an hour or two chatting and meeting the dogs, especially the mamas to be. After you leave, and have time to consider your visit, if all has been well and you wish to, you can go onto my list. There is no obligation to my waiting list other than that of common courtesy: if you decide to find a puppy elsewhere, I am grateful to those who let me know.

   Once I have news of bitches in season, I will contact everyone on the list and confirm their continued interest. I will keep you posted about successful matings and confirmed pregnancy, usually via my FaceBook Group, dedicated to my clients and doggy friends, Holmchappell Hooligans. When puppies are born, it is here that we post regular updates including all their significant 'firsts': steps, meals, trips outside, visits to the vet and the eye specialist. This way, you don't miss out on the first eight weeks of your puppy's life.

   At around about six weeks of age, I invite everyone having a puppy to pay a visit to meet the babes. During that visit, I ask each person on the list to give me a choice of three puppies they would be happy to take home. Once I have decided what I am going to keep and allocated puppies to show or breeding homes as necessary, then puppies are placed according to your choices and your place on the waiting list. Almost always, folks end up with either their first or second choice puppy, occasionally third, and I have very rarely had complaints about the results.

   Puppies visit the BVA Eye Panel specialist at about 6-7 weeks of age and have their first vaccination at 8 weeks of age. I then like to keep them for a few days to make sure all is well before letting them go to their new homes.

   Payment is in two parts: a deposit when your puppy is born to confirm your booking and the balance during the week before you collect your puppy.

   Our aim is to give our puppies the best possible start in life and then, having found wonderful families for them to move on to live with, to provide ongoing support, whenever it is necessary, for the rest of that puppy's life.

...and what you can expect from us.

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