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Occasionally, and generally through no fault of their own, older dogs, retiring bitches or even growing puppies that I have bred become available for re-homing. The reasons that a Holmchappell bred dog might become available vary but the most common are divorce, change of circumstances and ill health. So, a previously happy, well adjusted pet can no longer be kept by its owners and is in need of another home. If you think that you might be able to give one, then please feel free to call me. I do not offer dogs for rehoming which have serious issues or behaviour problems.

   Some folks prefer an older dog or puppy, whence it isn't necessary to go through the intense puppy stage and all the bother of house, lead & car training and in this event, an older dog or puppy needing a new home might be perfect. I also very occasionally retire my breeding bitches, all of which have house manners, are well adjusted and sweet tempered. They often make wonderful companions for those who don't relish the fuss and energy of a younger dog.

  If I have anything available, details will be posted on this page. 




Retiring Bitches, Grown Pups or Rescue Dogs Available

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If you have further questions or want to book a visit, just call or e mail:

+44 (0)7876 482398​

Retiring breeding bitches.

Very occasionally, I have a bitch ready for retirement. I only take three litters maximum from any bitch, the first at two years of age, the second at three and the third litter when she is four. Therefore, although the word retiring suggests an older dog, she will be absolutely in her prime with the majority of her life still to lead. I only do this because, in order to breed healthy dogs, I need to be constantly bringing in new bloodlines to keep the gene pool available to my breeding programme as wide as possible. This means bringing in young bitches regularly and if all my dogs are to have the best possible welfare, I cannot keep too many of them. 

   My bitches are all well socialised and house trained as puppies so they make the adjustment family life easily. However, they have always lived as part of a pack an so, I do not let them go into homes where they will be an only dog. They can either go to join an existing dog or go along with a puppy from their last litter as Tippex did, with her daughter Blackberry.

   If ever I have a retiring bitch available, news will be posted here.

There is currently an exceptional opportunity to provide a loving pet home to a smashing two year old male GBGV. He's been used to living both in the house as a youngster and in a kennel, is typically boisterous but sweet natured and is great with other dogs. He is not a rescue dog. If you'd like to find out more, feel free to get in touch.

Young Dog Available
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