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We take a great deal of care placing our puppies because our commitment is for life. Indeed, one of the best things about being in dogs, is all the lovely people they bring into our lives. All of the puppies from our 2015 and early 2016 litters have started life in their new homes. Just check out those smiles!

Placing Our Puppies

 The Chawdhry-Marek's with Darwin    The Pimblotts with Rory

  The Stephens with Freddy                             The James' with Claude


       The Reochs with Isabella                                                            The Lucks with Carson

The Georges with Audrey Mimm

The Clark girls with Teddy


The Hollands with Luna

Inge and Isabeau Botha with Raven.

The Willetts with darling growly bear Baloo.


The Beaumont Family with Annie.




The Richards with Hattie.

Sarah Hailstone with Ebony.

Our Holmchappell Olivet Cendre who isn't going anywhere!



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