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Grooming the Miniature Schnauzer.

Photo: with thanks to Gail Wise.

The coat of the Miniature Schnauzer grows continually and does not shed; great for whoever does the house work but necessitating regular grooming and stripping.

  Miniature Schnauzers destined for the show ring will be hand stripped, bathed and trimmed regularly, to produce a very smart look. However, most pet Minis are trimmed and clippered, either at home or at the grooming parlour, to keep them clean and tidy. This does require specialist equipment but is not too difficult so, should you wish to groom your own dog, we will be happy to show you how. Stripping or trimming will need to be done roughly every six weeks and if you are considering the breed but don't want to groom your dog yourself, you should look into the availability of decent facilities nearby. Pick your parlour carefully and make sure you see how your best beloved will be handled.

  Apart from regular stripping and trimming, Minis require weekly combing to keep their undercarriage free of debris, knots and tangles and a regular beard wash. Ears need to be kept free of long hair and nails cut regularly. 

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