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The Importance of Natural Feeding.

   As a trained zoologist, I am a firm believer in natural feeding. It really doesn't matter how amazing the ingredients list is on your expensive, premium complete dry feed, what you actually put in your dog's mouth is a brown pellet held together with digest (edible glue). ALL dry complete feeds are highly processed and we all know that a healthy diet should be as unprocessed as possible.

   Raw feed (raw meat, bone, vegetables and super-foods), is a much closer approximation to a dog's natural diet than any dry complete feed and these days, there are clever companies making the job of natural feeding easy. I prefer Nutriment, and I rear all my puppies on it from weaning to adulthood. It is a superb product, made by an award winning company, staffed by helpful and enthusiastic people who are always happy to assist. It's delivered frozen, to your door, by next day delivery. What could be more simple!

   The benefits of raw feeding are well documented. A natural diet keeps your dog's digestive system in good shape. The addition of raw meaty bones as treats and meal replacers keep his teeth clean and his breath sweet. His stools will be about half the volume he would produce on an equivalent complete dry diet and a LOT LESS SMELLY! They are also harder, so passing them keeps his anal glands cleared and healthy. Raw feeders also experience far less issues with poor coat, itchy or irritable skin. And best of all for new puppy owners, raw fed pups get 70% of their water in their feed so do not to drink vast quantities after meals, making them MUCH EASIER TO HOUSE TRAIN! 


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