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About Us

Where are we?

Deep in rural Somerset, we are based in the land of the Glastonbury Festival, a couple of miles from Shepton Mallet with easy access from several major trunk roads. 




This is a family enterprise. I have two teenaged daughters who are fully involved with the dogs. Our 'kennel' is small: currently ten dogs, all living in the house - seven Minis, two GBGVs and our toy poodle.

   I trained as a zoologist, have a PhD for which I studied  animal behaviour and have been 'in dogs' for more than thirty years. I work from home so, I'm here for the dogs at all times. As well as breeding dogs, I am a broadcaster of many years standing (Crufts commentator, with Frank Kane, Peter Purves and presenter Clare Balding), I write  and I paint. I am a KC Assured Breeder and follow all their recommendations, including the highest standards for welfare, best practise and health testing.


Our home, tucked away in a rural location.

How do we do things?

​Come and see us and find out! Our dogs are fully integrated in social groups and are a part of our domestic life. We place a firm emphasis on their welfare and make provision for plenty of exercise & social interraction as well as the best possible nutrition and care. Our facilities are geared to their needs and designed to give them a rich and rewarding environment in which to live. 

One of our dog's exercise paddocks.

Our dogs live in a totally integrated pack, in our home and are involved with every aspect of our lives.

The view from our paddocks to Glastonbury Tor.

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