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The Frenchie Page!

I have wanted a Frenchie for donkeys years and I have not been disappointed in Miffy (Fawn mis-marked) and Mavis (Brindle mis-marked). This breed has temperament and clownish character like no other! I don't yet know whether I will ever breed Frenchies but to be honest, just living with these delightful dogs is enough.

   Popular as they may be, they are definitely not for the novice dog owner. There are health issues associated both with poorly bred flat-face (brachycephalic) breeds and with the non-standard colours. Frenchies in the UK should only be fawn with a black mask; brindle; or pied, either fawn pied or brindle pied. Merle, blue or anything with tan comes from cross breeding or inbreeding to dogs carrying potentially lethal genes and is consequently  associated with serious health issues.  

   Kennel Club registration means nothing in this case, because the KC currently register non-standard colour puppies regardless of their associated problems. Sadly, Frenchies are so popular now that all sorts of undesirables are jumping on the bandwagon and breeding unscrupulously purely for the vast sums they can charge for so called 'rarities' which are in fact, not pure bred.

   If you are genuinely interested in owning a well bred, healthy Frenchie, talk to the Breed Clubs about the health testing programme they have put in place and only buy from Breed Club recommended breeders (

   My beautiful babes came from world renowned breeders Frances and Jack Krall at Jafrak 

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