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And so to the Boys: 

We rarely keep males, preferring instead to make regular, temporary importations from the Continent or to take our bitches to be mated abroad to males whose bloodlines are new for the UK and will compliment our bitch lines. This way we can keep the gene pool we are working with as wide as possible, improving the health of our puppies and keeping our inbreeding coefficients as low as possible.

Vice Versa du Greffier du Roi

Versa is such a noble boy who is father to Toute Fois, Quefois and Petit Priere.


This lovely boy is such a gentleman. He spent a year here at Holmchappell siring litters for my kennel and for Plainville Hounds with whom we work so closely.

Tartuffe du Clos de la Valeriane.

Tartuffe brought some very old French bloddlines to the UK.

Holmchappell Cerf Courant

Homebred, Courant is pictured here winning Best Puppy in Show at the BGV Club Show. He was father to Perle and to Plainville's foundation bitch H. Topaz.

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