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Do Mini Schnauzers make good pets?

In a word - YES!

  For generations, Miniature Schnauzers have been bred as companion dogs. They've not been selected for their hunting ability, their affinity for water, for retrieving or for tracking, guarding or herding. These are companion dogs, through and through.

  A Mini Schnauzer will join your family, love its members unconditionally, be loyal, friendly and a great little protector, with a bark but no bite. The size of the Mini, combined with his sense of fun and his endless capacity for affection makes him a great family pet to be raised with (sensibly supervised) children of all ages.

  He may be a small dog, but he loves his exercise and especially, to play, both with his family and with other dogs. Puppy training classes will be relished, as will socialising in the park or out on favourite walks. Please do not contemplate this lovely little breed if you intend to go out to work and abandon him all day; that would be a real cruelty inflicted on one so very sociable and friendly.

  Another advantage of the Mini is that he has a non-shedding coat which has proven to cause less allergic reactions amongst those afflicted. However, the fact that the coat does not shed, but grows continually, means that regular hand stripping or trimming will be necessary, either at home or at the grooming parlour.


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