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Grooming your GBGV

Your GBGV has a double coat. This means that there is a softer, thicker undercoat, covered by a longer and coarser top coat of guard hairs. The mix of these two layers varies between individuals and dictates the amount of work you are likely to have to do in the grooming room.

   Your GBGV puppy will need little more than regular grooming with a fine-toothed comb to keep his coat clean, free from debris, dead hair and matting. His ears will also need regular wiping out with dry cotton wool to prevent a build up of wax and his claws must be cut regularly. As he grows up however, depending upon the thickness and length of his individual coat, he will need regular hand stripping and tidying if he is to look smart and not resemble a burst sofa! 

  Hand stripping can be undertaken at a grooming parlour but it can be expensive for a medium-sized dog and you may prefer to do the job yourself. It is not rocket science! The tools you require are relatively inexpensive and if handled properly, will last.  


... and after!

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